Memories and Random Thoughts

I am putting some of my thoughts and memories here on this page. It will be updated once a week with my daily thoughts while I am living at Stow -Glen.
If any of them bring back memories or spur some thoughts of your own please share them with me via my email.
love Molly
23rd of feb 2006
I was born on 41st street. We rented from mrs pilac
I lived on E. 40th street till age 10 We rented from mrs pilac. Then my folks bought a house on e 40th st.
there were 2 houses on our lot on 40th street.
and my mom set them up as rentals.
we lived in the first floor of large house in front of the lot.
she rented 3 rooms upsrairs.
 and the house in the back had 2 apts.
 east 40th street was filled with lovely homes and as you approached euclid ave. there were mansions of the rich and famous.
 on the corner was rockefellers house.
 our house on 40th st was beteen payne ave and St. Clair.
 we went to case elementary which was on case ave.
 one of our neighbors mr zigender who owned a dodge car (only one on the street) He would take us for rides.
 alice carson (novak) lived next door on 40th and we started school together,
 later she lived next door to us on Huntmere. at first upstairs in our house then next door,
 her father Pete lost his job and got a job in pittsburg. He died in pittsburg and they came back and lived on 157th street
 Alice passed away this year and we were friends for more than 80 years.
thats all for mow take care love molly.

Snow Time

Snow time in Kent reminds me of the big snow storm in November of 1950. There was 25 inches of snow that fell overnight. That was a lot for the cleveland area. Everything was closed . Neighbors were having a good time playing like lids in the snow.

Come to think about it there were a few major disasters in the Cleveland area.

The Cleveland Clinic fire. On May 15, 1929, the main building of the Cleveland Clinic caught fire....

The East Ohio Gas explosion and fire.

The burning of Luna Park.

The Log Cabin fire at Euclid Beach.

The Memorial school fire in Collinwood.



Cleveland Clinic Fire.

On May 15, 1929, the main building of the Cleveland Clinic caught fire. The fire began when an exposed light bulb was too close to some nitro-cellulose x-ray film, igniting the film. In the end, 123 people lost their lives. Eighty of the dead were either patients or visitors at the clinic, and the rest were employees. One of the Cleveland Clinic's founders, Dr. John Phillips, was among the dead. Most of the victims died from inhaling poisonous gases produced by the burning x-ray film.

Investigators found that the clinic was not to blame for the tragedy, but the Cleveland Clinic fire influenced major changes at both the local and national levels. The city of Cleveland decided that fire departments should receive gas masks as part of their equipment and also advocated creating an ambulance service for the city. Nationally, medical facilities established new standards for storing hazardous materials such as x-ray film.