Hi Friends and relatives too (they are also my friends)

Late 2003 - Winter is approaching much too soon as always, but we will work it into our schedule.

Summer 2003 - I had a good summer, weatherwise it was great. I did nothing exciting but I am appreciating the quiet and serene days and doing a lot of reading. My pleasure is my garden and still can maintain that pretty good.

My health is good. I am still walking pretty good but need more confidence.

Memory lane

I think of Michigan a lot and Shorline Resort (no it was spelled that way).
I had some wonderful vacations there. Helen and Jim Novak owners of Shorline resort are both gone, they were a beautiful couple.

I remember fishing on Lake Superior. We took a charter boat from Grand Marais , a very old town. I am still amazed and proud to have caught the biggest fish on the trip.

A lake trout weighing 27# and was 32 inches long.

I remember the vacation at Lake Chautauqua near Jamestown New York. This was different from Michigan but we all enjoyed it.
We found a movie theater in Jamestown and saw the Ladykillers with Peter Sellers and Alec Guiness.
I also remember seeing The Trouble with Harry. these are great movies you should see them if you have not.


"F A I T H"

'F' is for fortune
'A' is for ambition
'I' is for Integritry
'T' is for Truth
'H' is for Honesty

So keep the 'F -A -I- T- H' as best you can.

Love to all Molly