Holiday News

December 2002

Summer, fall all slipped by so fast. We are now looking forward to Christmas and the new year 2003. It seems like yesterday that we were all excited and worried about going into the new century.

I had a nice summer , quite hot, but that's what summer is hot, humid but still the best time of the year.

I had the Christmas gathering on Dec. 28th. We had a great time. Mike was home from New Orleans,Shanna and John were here also.
In May
Mike will receive his PHD from Tulane University. I am so very proud of him.

This will be my fourth Christmas in Kent. But I still call Skyline Dr. my home, That will never change.
too many happy memories to let go. No matter the raccoons climbing up and down my chimney and calling it their home, and the deer eating up my bushes and apples. They knew a good place and visited often.

Next time I will reminisce bout more of the days at 1851 Skyline Dr.
For now, my favorite poem. Read it and savor the thoughts. I think it says it all.

PS Be of Good Cheer
In the coming year
Look forward and not back
And you will be on the right track

Love and good wishes to all, always