Christmas 2000 News.

Hello Friends and Relatives

It has been quite a while since we last talked and reminisced. Summer was very nice - I planted a nice garden of flowers and also 2 tomato plants which produced exactly 12 tomatoes.

Tom closed in my back patio with a roof and trimmings. It is very nice and gives me a sense of security.

I have a new upstairs neighbor Carine DePau from Belgium - a graduate assistant at KSU. She is a language translator. She is a lovely girl and we get along just fine.

I am writing this almost at Christmas - the year 2000 really is ending very rapidly - but you know with all the doubts and speculation it is not so bad.
Looking forward to the best Christmas ever - isn't that the way we should think.
Hope all of my friends and relatives have a very good year and will look forward to the next year.
Don't look back - you never know how the future will bring love and good fortune.

 Memories, Memories
Wouldn't it be nice
If they were all sugar and spice
some are good some sad
but all in all not too bad
so remember the happy times
remember the sad
and life will balance the rest.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all

with love Molly.