Firmware upgrade notes.

1. make sure you put in a fresh new battery. If player shuts off during firmware update it will ruin the player.
2. Run music manager or if UMC firmare 1.95 run update in player.
3. Choose update and select firmware file. (remember where you saved it when you downloaded it from my site)
4. let it run till player shuts off. (do nothing in the meantime). Wait for player to shut off by itself.
once player shuts off unplug and turn on and let it reboot.

you will lose all player content so reload it.

firmware 1.75 is latest music manager version
firmware 1.95 is latest UMC (usb drive) version will work with vista.

Features of 1.95 UMC version.

Record files are stored as .mp3 files. No more .rec files you have to convert.
mp3 files can now be downloaded from the player.

You cannot set fm radio presets with music manager. (music manager no long works)
Uploads to player seem a bit slower.  Recording bitrates are lower (max 96kbps)