Video Links Page

This page has a list of misc videos.
They are 1080p  AVI format using x264 codec
They are also compressed to 1024kbs to save bandwidth. So there is some loss of quality.
Clicking the link should play the video.
Right clicking should allow you to save it.

Links below (WAIT - they may take a while to load)

Boulder Canyon videos
Mammoth Hot springs area videos
Beaver Ponds videos
Toadstools 1
Kate at Toadstools 2
Toadstools 3
Bryce Kate in Queen's Garden
Capital Reef Kate walking in The Grand Gulch
Kate paddleboarding
kate walking in gulch
around bear lake campsite
deer in yard and magpie attacks my camper
deer in yard
dorf lake
kate at dorf lake MTS
kate at dorf lake