My daily notes. kind of an online diary.

My daily thoughts and remembrances.

Winter Olympics.

I watched Winter Olympics.
These are all dedicated athletes working hard for their country and for themselves .
I received a nice card from my niece Geraldine .
She has a very large family and as she was an only child she loves it.
I had my daily therapy, I think it helps my balance and my walking .
I will write more later .
Love Molly

Happy Valentine's day
There's nothing exciting going on here .
Shanna stopped by yesterday and we had a nice visit .
Love that girl !
It is still winter outside and I did some crossword puzzles .
I haven't done that in a long while . It was fun.
Jean's birthday is today. Happy birthday to Jean.
I have been moved from Skyline for six years now.
Time does fly.
Well not much more for now.
Love Molly

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