As Bob Hope says "Thanks for the Memories"

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Early school memories - High School Memories - My first job - Memories of the depression years.

Things I miss in my part of the 20th century.

Memories of where I lived - 40th St. - Huntmere - Skyline Dr.

Latest memories and Goodbye to my House. - Some old Pictures to view NEW!


How school and learning became a literal passion with me.
I started at Case elementary school in kindergarten and attended to the first part of fifth grade. I had so many nice friends and lovely teachers especially Miss Solomon who taught and loved her students with the greatest love.


High School Memories


When I reached 7th grade, I went to Collinwood High School and continued to graduation in January of 1932. As to be expected I loved high school and did very well academically. I made a lot of friends who I remember to this day.

My First Job.


The year I graduated, 1932, was the height of the great depression and you couldn't find a job it was a tough time. I finally got a job at the Morris Plan Bank of Cleveland because my mother was doing housework for the president of the bank Mr. Thos. Coughlin what a great human being. I stayed there until I got married then went back for awhile until I had my first child. In those days you did not work when you had children.

Holiday news


Holidays what shall I say that is different.
I am so used to the old routine. I will have to make a different approach. But no matter what, Christmas is the most joyous and absolutely the most interesting holiday. So the Christmas spirit is still there, and we have fun. Tom and Barbie, remember when Dad was with us he did so many incredible things, like making everyone guess what Santa left and where he left it. He may have hidden it under the stairs - under the bed - and I remember once - in the dining room chandelier, but never in the fireplace. He enjoyed all the 'stuff' Christmas is made of - but Tom and BJ remember when we surprised him with his first tape recorder. It was so big and heavy we just about got it home from the store and stashed it in the basement by the workbench. Well that's it for Christmas past. I loved them all. It will be nice now, it's more adult. We were all young and kind of giddy, but so happy. Please always remember. I do. Mom





Holiday Poem




Merry Christmas to one and all
And to all a good year
Be happy and have no fear
And you will always stand tall.